This Is Not a Love Story

...even if it was hot as Hades in Southern Oklahoma today.

My grandpa's blue and white Ford Fairlane didn't win any prizes--but the boys liked being able to climb in and check out a "super-cool hot rod."

There was even a truck designed to look (pretty much) exactly like Mater from the movie Cars. It was kind of neat, really. (And it kept The Short One from whining for...oh, about five minutes.)

After the car show was over and pretty much everyone had left, we moseyed on over to Sonic--where they were doing karaoke. Fun, right? Sing a song, get a free drink. Not a bad deal, considering EVERYONE in the Gerbil-Girlfriend family is a) musically inclined; b) a total ham; c) into getting free drinks.

I sang: Gunpowder and Lead by Miranda Lambert and That's How You Know It's Love by Deanna Carter.

The Short One sang: the Baby Bumblebee song (super cute).

And The Big One sang: Peaches by the Presidents of the USA and (all three of us chimed in...) Free and Easy Down the Road I Go by Dierks Bentley. (Whose name spellchecks to "Jerks." hehe.)

If only they'd had The Duck Song.
I didn't exactly start this whole compromise thing off on a good note. See, I stole The Ring from her because we were going to be apart for several hours (heartbreaking, I know--I even make myself sick at times). It makes me feel better, like a security blanket.

So, while I was out, I happened to be listening to a certain radio station. The stations playlist includes: 1) extremely sad songs that make me cry (because I have a vag), 2) sappy love songs that single girls cry (see #1), and, apparently 3) happy love songs that make a girl who isn't supposed to propose to her Girlfriend want to do exactly that. Really, really badly.

The offending song: Brown Eyes by Beyonce. Yep. So, when I got home (to finish dinner/feed us) I immediately fired up the laptop, brought it in the kitchen, and added this song to my "cleaning/cooking playlist" and left it going while we ate. After we finished eating our delicious dinner (of course it was, *I* cooked!), I invited The GF to dance around the kitchen with me, knowing that "the" song was next. As we danced, I sang her the song (yep, I can do that too!) and when it was over, I put the ring back on her finger and asked her to marry me.

I cheated. She didn't care. (One proposal down.)
    And now...the REST of the story...

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    TiNaLS Crew:

    The Gerbil: That's me.

    The Girlfriend: Umm, my girlfriend/fiancée.

    The Big One:
    My 7 year old son

    The Short One:
    My 5 year old son

    My kitten

    The Girlfriend's cat

    Anyone else will be nicknamed appropriately as needed.


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