This Is Not a Love Story

I didn't exactly start this whole compromise thing off on a good note. See, I stole The Ring from her because we were going to be apart for several hours (heartbreaking, I know--I even make myself sick at times). It makes me feel better, like a security blanket.

So, while I was out, I happened to be listening to a certain radio station. The stations playlist includes: 1) extremely sad songs that make me cry (because I have a vag), 2) sappy love songs that single girls cry (see #1), and, apparently 3) happy love songs that make a girl who isn't supposed to propose to her Girlfriend want to do exactly that. Really, really badly.

The offending song: Brown Eyes by Beyonce. Yep. So, when I got home (to finish dinner/feed us) I immediately fired up the laptop, brought it in the kitchen, and added this song to my "cleaning/cooking playlist" and left it going while we ate. After we finished eating our delicious dinner (of course it was, *I* cooked!), I invited The GF to dance around the kitchen with me, knowing that "the" song was next. As we danced, I sang her the song (yep, I can do that too!) and when it was over, I put the ring back on her finger and asked her to marry me.

I cheated. She didn't care. (One proposal down.)

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