This Is Not a Love Story

Oh. My. [insert deity here].

The Short One has an obsession with scissors. I swear he's got some kind of spiritual connection with the things. It doesn't matter where I hide them, he still finds them. After this incident I may consider encasing all the scissors in the house in concrete and sinking them in the pond at the park. (Probably still wouldn't help.)

Anyway...a few weeks ago, the child cut a hole in a blanket...because his "foot got hot." I get it. Ventilation. Still not okay. We had a "discussion," and I thought he got it that time. No more cutting things up.

Apparently I was wrong.

Tonight, while cleaning house, I discovered my craft scissors sitting on the kitchen counter. My first thought: Mayday! Mayday! Child has destroyed something.

I looked around the immediate area. Nothing.

I looked around the rest of the house. Nothing.

I looked for the child, who was with The Big One watching a movie on Netflix for Wii (I'll tell ya'll later how awesome that is later.) I asked him point blank if he'd had the scissors.

He turned to look at me.

And then I saw it.

He had cut a huge (HUGE!) chunk of hair off, right up front. It isn't even all the way across. Just on the left side.

His reasoning for this mutilation of his adorable sun-bleached blonde hair?

It was "itching in his eyes."

His hair was nowhere near his eyes. (Sigh.) Not the first time the kid's had two haircuts in one week.
7/9/2010 04:13:34 am

I've done that many times to my younger brother, once to myself. Just cut 1 big chunk out of the bangs, usually on one side, sometimes in the middle. Mother and father certainly weren't pleased but it made for some HILARIOUS stories now that we're older... and even more hilarious photos!


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