This Is Not a Love Story

Our entire relationship has been this way. I think it has something to do with both of us being "people-pleasers." Anyway, that's not the point.

Before we were "official," The GF and I spent about a week together. We were both in college, but it was the end of the Spring semester, so we had all of Thanksgiving break to...erm...hang out.

First she invited me over to her house for dinner with some of her friends. She made one of her specialties (yes, she has those), and her friends were great. I will admit I probably came on a little strong...but what can I say? There's just something about a woman in the kitchen...entertaining...and...yeah.

Now, don't get me wrong...I'm not one of those 50s-era-mindset folks that thinks her woman oughta be in the kitchen--how could I be? I'm a woman too. There is, however, something sexy about a woman who is just as comfortable in the kitchen whipping up a hearty meal as under the hood of her car.

I can't say I didn't make my feelings on the subject plain that night either--even her friend (who hung around after most everyone else had left) commented that she hadn't seen The GF kiss anyone the way we kissed that night in a long time, if ever. I remember that night quite clearly--I kissed her in the kitchen, the dining room...and in the living room when nobody else was there to watch. PDA isn't something I'm normally a big fan of, but in HER case, I make exceptions. I just can't resist.

Anyway, the next night she and her friend had planned on going to a bar about an hour away to meet up with some out-of-town friends. We had a blast. I was the DD, of course, since I've never really been much of a drinker. So...after I drove the girls back to The GF's house, I stayed the night. Again. (Imagine me waggling my eyebrows here. What can I say? The girl's irresistible!)

The next day was the day before Thanksgiving. I'd planned on going home when we got up and around because The GF had to go to work that night. Notice I said I planned to go home. PLANNED. Yeah, that didn't go so well. See, I didn't know yet that The GF had The Face in her arsenal. (If you've seen the trailer for Tangled, that new Disney flick that hasn't come out'll know what I mean here...hehe.) It's one part smoldering sexiness and two parts adorable (a la Puss from Shrek, but in human form). The Face is a lethal weapon. Seriously.

She used it on me. It was horrible and I loved it. All it took was The Face plus a half-whispered question. (Do you really have to go?)

I didn't.

So...I stayed. Now, at this point I should let you guys know that The GF's house is...nice. It's a large three-bedroom in Dinkytown, USA. Most of the time she kept it pretty clean...but at this point it was starting to get kind of messy. We'd been hanging out for 2.5 days...and she didn't clean while I was there...probably because she assumed (correctly) that even though we were (at the time) pretty much just really (really, really) good friends, I'd start cleaning with her if she started.

Well...she had to go to work at Dinkytown Indian Casino, remember? Her only instruction on leaving me in her house (I live 45 minutes or so south of was pointless to go home and come back six hours later.) was not to clean.

Her exact words were: "You are not allowed to clean my house. I'll do it. I swear."

So I didn't clean the house. Really. I promised...and I don't break promises. *ahem*

I did, however, do ALL of the mountain of laundry that had piled up...between midterms and working 40+ hours a week. All of it. I'm talking like five solid hours of laundry.

But I didn't clean the house. See, laundry isn't cleaning house. It's cleaning clothes. heh.

Everyone knows if you do laundry, you gotta fold it and put it away right? I had no idea where things went. None whatsoever. So I guessed. I put everything away where I figured it'd go. (Normally I'd look for similar things and put like with like...but as I mentioned, most of the laundry was in the hamper. Or around it. Yep.)

I also made the bed. I slept in it too,, I fixed it. I probably did some other stuff that may or may not be classified as house cleaning, but not much. I tried really hard to keep that promise.

I distracted myself with The GF's collection of lesbian movies and musicals. Best way to do laundry...singing along with Rent or Chicago at the top of one's lungs.

Good thing nobody else was in the house. heh.

The best part of the night, of course, was when she came back from work. She called me on her breaks (Which was cute as hell...and is still cute since she still does it. Unless she's working day shift and I'm at work too.).

She didn't suspect a thing. Even when she came home, I don't think she realized I'd done much...other than the fact that the bed was made and whatever clothes that were in the floor were picked up. *ahem*

After we talked for a few minutes, she decided she'd go shower and change. (This is the good part. Are you ready? I'm ready. Let's do this.)

I sincerely wish I had this part on video. I'd love to show ya'll the face she made when she said she was going to the back to shower and I said, okay, check that top drawer.

She opened the drawer while eying me suspiciously. To her amazement, the top drawer on her dresser was *gasp* full of her beloved boxer-briefs (yeah, she's *that* butch) and such. And then she uttered what would soon become my favorite thing-the-GF-says: "Whaaaaaaaaaaat?"

She opened the next drawer. Full of clothes. Next one? You got it, all folded, by color (yeah, I'm *that* OCD).

I even hung up her treasured Amy Lee shirt.

After the inital "Whaaaaaaat?" she was pretty much speechless...until she decided she *had* to call her mom and tell her how awesome I am. [Insert over-confident hair-flip here.]

Up next: A story from The GF's point of view...yep, she's taking over! (Er, I'm graciously allowing her to post. We'll see how it goes. heh.)

And if she's lucky (wink, wink) there will be another proposal story up soon as well.

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7/11/2010 05:09:47 am

Love it!!

The guys I date never do my laundry. Dammit. Hell, sometimes they leave me laundry to do for them. I think I'm doing this wrong.... lol

7/11/2010 08:00:11 am

*hello back!*
What's funny about all of this is that as I read this I have a load of laundry in the washer and a load in the dryer while Natalie's at work.
=) Ah, little things, little things.


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